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Newbie should know it!!!

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Newbie should know it!!!

Post by quybaba on Wed Jun 17, 2009 9:57 am


You're welcome to the forum of Bmanga! Here is the land for Vietnamese Amateur and Beginning Mangakas exhibiting their work for you and the others. You can find the artworks and Vietnamese Language Manga at "Vô vi cung online" (Vô vi cung is the name of a manga creators club in Vietnam) or "Phòng triển lãm" (it means exhibition hall), you can also find the original mangas at "Truyện tranh của Bmanga" (it means "Bmanga's mangas").

In common, the artist should use Vietnamese for communication because it's more easy for him, but if an artist want to exhibiting his work by English, he will use English for creating his topic. And to crown it all, if you really really love an original Vietnamese Language manga by its art and its scene and want an English translation to know more clearly, feel free to ask the artist. Though he can't translate it, but some of his friend can, and the translation will coming soon.

At last, you should know that you can use English anywhere in our forum, but please try writting short and clear if you leave your comment outside "The concession". All of Vietnamese members can understand if it is the simple English.

Thank for reading and have fun here!

Vô Vi Cung là nơi người ở ngoài thì muốn vào còn người ở trong thì muốn ra mà không được vì ... chưa xong!
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